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The signature box – Terre Salée
The signature box – Terre Salée
The signature box – Terre Salée
The signature box – Terre Salée
The signature box – Terre Salée
The signature box – Terre Salée
The signature box – Terre Salée
The signature box – Terre Salée

The signature box – Terre Salée

58,00 EUR
Tax included.
The first hand wash powder rich in prebiotics to rehydrate with water.

• Hydrates, nourishes and protects your skin
• Prebiotic complex: Prickly pear and Inulin
• Made in France
• 97.5% ingredients of natural origin

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Inulin and Prickly Pear of upcycled origin promote the growth and activity of good bacteria in our skin microbiota. These natural prebiotics act as a food source for beneficial microorganisms, helping to rebalance the skin flora.

Carefully selected for their virtues, Inulin and Prickly Pear of upcycled origin rebalance your skin microbiota. Rich in polysaccharides, Prickly Pear is a true plant-based hyaluronic acid. Thanks to its moisturizing properties, it improves the barrier function of your skin.

Replenish your bottle

Usage tips

1. Take your bag and cut along the indicated line.

2. Pour the entire sachet into the bottle.

3. Fill your bottle with lukewarm water up to the graduation.

4. Mix in a circular manner until dissolved.

5. Wait a few minutes for optimal results.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Sylvia Borgetto Colin
Discovery Fome

Very nice product. The glass case is magnificent. Very pleasant scent, a real care product.

A joy for the hands!

I'm so happy to have received my order with the Terre Salée signature box inside! Super easy to use, the powder mixes perfectly and the product is ready to use in a few seconds. I am delighted to know that I take care of my hands during washing (remember point forgotten during this step) even though I have eczema on my hands. The little extra: perfume smells divinely good (my husband is also won over!)! Congratulations to the Fôme team!

Fôme, the start of a great story!

Having had the chance to preview Fôme products, I must say that I was won over by the perfumes and particularly this one but also by the aesthetics of the bottle! In addition to being a high-end product, it is eco-responsible! A beautiful and promising alliance!
No more dry hands after washing, hello softness! I recommend +++

Emma S.
Fome, a great discovery!

I was a beta tester and I must say that I was won over! I am very sensitive to perfumes, and the result is stunning! The texture is very pleasant, we feel our hands softer and protected, like real care! Obviously I couldn't choose between the 3 perfumes, so I opted for the box set! I highly recommend !

Samantha Legros
What a nice surprise!

I had the chance to discover Fôme and its cleansing treatments during the who's next trade show in Paris and I was extremely surprised by the quality of such a young brand!
I already found the idea of ​​recreating my own cleansing treatment using powder and water brilliant to limit packaging which is very often superfluous, then I was able to test the 3 perfumes available to date… INCREDIBLE🔥.
They are all great and each of them allowed me to find a completely different atmosphere but still just as pleasant😍.
I still had a weakness for Terre Salée which I was quick to order!
I highly recommend to all those who are tired of buying low quality products in supermarkets and who
would like to be able to purchase high-end products while promoting eco-responsibility.
Looking forward to receiving my order 😊

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