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Made in France • Upcycled formula and eco-refills • Infinitely refillable • No water transported • no plastic thrown away • All skin types

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In our quest for excellence, we have made upcycling the cornerstone of our approach.

At Fôme, this philosophy is embodied both in our choice of the flagship ingredient of our formula, prickly pear, and in the selection of the apple paper for our eco-refills of hand wash care.

• The prickly pear: The cladodes that were too small were intended to be rejected to promote the development of the fruits. Our partner recovers them and transforms them into an exceptional cosmetic active ingredient.

• Our eco-refills: They are made from apple peels from a waste recovery chain.

In this way, we give a second life to materials previously destined to waste. Instead of creating new ones, we reuse existing ones, while offering quality products.

Zero superfluous

• Shipping boxes : They are made in France, in recyclable and recycled cardboard, FSC certified. To limit our impact as much as possible, none of our products have secondary packaging: they are packaged directly in their custom-made and reusable box. Refills are delivered directly to your mailbox.

• Our bottle : A true case designed to last, it is refillable and reusable for life, without material transfer. Made in Italy, renowned for its perfect mastery of glass, it becomes a durable and desirable decorative object that blends perfectly into today's modern bathrooms.

• Our refills : Eco-designed, they are ingenious and reflect both our brand identity through their shape but also our commitment to full recycling. Indeed, they are distinguished by their unique waste. When the refill is cut, the pocket end remains intact, thus avoiding any risk of detachment and exclusion from the recycling process due to its size deemed insufficient in the sorting channels.


• French manufacturing: Our territory is full of know-how. We are proud to base the production of our products, our eco-refills and our shipping boxes in France. Only our bottles are produced in Italy,

• A short formula of 8 raw materials: The composition of each of our formulas is detailed on our site. For each ingredient, we explain their origin, their functioning and their benefit on the skin.

• Naturalness: All our products are formulated with more than 97.5% ingredients of natural origin. The only synthetic ingredients are preservatives to ensure the protection of the formula over time. We have selected those authorized in ORGANIC.