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Salt Earth

The Terre Salée fragrance belongs to the Citrus Aromatic olfactory family, which means that it is characterized by notes of citrus and aromatic herbs that evoke a fresh and invigorating scent. This olfactory composition is a tribute to nature, with notes carefully selected to evoke the pure air of the sea and the freshness of the flora.

Top Note: Bergamot & Mandora

The top note of Terre Salée is dominated by Bergamot and Mandora. Bergamot brings a zesty, citrusy freshness, while Mandora adds a touch of sweet citrus, creating a bright and invigorating start.

Heart Note: Cypress & Rosemary

At the heart of this fragrance, Cypress and Rosemary take over. Cypress offers woody and green nuances, evoking the forest, while Rosemary brings aromatic and herbaceous notes.

Base Note: Thyme

The base note of Terre Salée is marked by Thyme, which brings depth and subtle warmth to the composition. Thyme adds an herbaceous touch reminiscent of sunny gardens.

This fragrance, with its notes of refreshing citrus, aromatic herbs and woody nuances, embodies the spirit of Normandy and nature. Terre Salée is an ideal fragrance for those looking for a fresh and invigorating olfactory experience when washing their hands. It evokes an escape to coastal destinations and a connection with the beauty of nature.

Southern Femininity

Féminité du Sud belongs to the olfactory family of Floral Fruity Musqués, a category of perfumes which combines the freshness of fruits, the sweetness of flowers and the sensuality of musk. This olfactory composition captures the essence of femininity with a delicate and captivating touch, evoking the charm and warmth of the south.

Top Note: Pink Berries

The top note of Féminité du Sud is enlivened by pink berries, bringing a spicy and slightly sweet touch to the opening. These Pink Berries create a lively and elegant start, with a slightly aphrodisiac touch.

Heart Note: Blueberry

At the heart of this fragrance is Blueberry, which offers a fruity sweetness and a tangy touch. This note evokes the freshness of ripe fruit and adds a gourmet dimension, full of charm.

Base Note: White Musk & Cedar

The base note is characterized by a subtle blend of White Musk and Cedar. White Musk brings a delicate sensuality and softness that envelops the composition, while Cedar adds woody depth and lasting character.

Southern Femininity embodies the elegance and warmth of the South. This fragrance is ideal for those looking for a feminine, soft and seductive olfactory experience. It evokes an enchanting and sunny atmosphere, perfect for sunny days and elegant evenings. Worn with confidence, Southern Femininity has a captivating olfactory signature that is easy to fall addicted to.

Boudoir Spirit

Esprit Boudoir belongs to the olfactory family of Oriental Woodés, a category of perfumes which combines the richness of oriental notes and the warmth of woody accords. This olfactory composition evokes elegance, sensuality and the timeless charm of a boudoir.

  • Head Note: Modern Woods

The top note of Esprit Boudoir is characterized by Modern Woods, bringing a feeling of depth from the start. These woody notes create a first impression of comfort.

  • Heart Note: Leather & Vanilla

At the heart of this fragrance, Leather and Vanilla intertwine to create a unique sensory experience. Leather brings a rich note, evoking elegance and voluptuousness, while Vanilla adds a sweet softness and a gourmet touch.

  • Base Note: Sandalwood & White Musk

The base note is characterized by a subtle blend of Sandalwood and White Musk. Sandalwood brings an exotic woody depth, while White Musk brings sensual warmth.

Esprit Boudoir is a fragrance that evokes the intimacy of a boudoir, with its sophistication, charm and warm ambiance. It embodies a rich and enveloping olfactory experience, perfect for moments of intimate relaxation. Worn with confidence, Esprit Boudoir is a fragrance that captures the essence of timeless elegance and subtle seduction.